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3D Street Art

Welcome to the world of 3D street and chalk art! Here, imagination meets reality, transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences. Whether you're hosting an event, launching a product, or looking to enhance your venue, hiring a 3D artist can make a lasting impression.


Here’s how it works and the options we offer:


Onsite 3D Chalk Art

Description: I will create stunning 3D chalk art directly on your pavement or floor with pastels or tempera paint. Watch as your chosen design comes to life, captivating your audience.

Ideal For: Festivals, street fairs, corporate events, grand openings, and more.

Process: We begin with a consultation to understand your vision, space, and design ideas. On the day of the event, I will arrive with all necessary materials and start creating the approved artwork. The process can take 6 hours to a couple of days, depending on the complexity of the design.

12 ft  x 20 ft tempera piece created for New Years 2024 at Mockingbird Station in Dallas, TX

3D Painting on Vinyl

Description: For a flexible and mobile option, I offer 3D paintings on high-quality vinyl. These can be rolled out and displayed at any location, providing the same stunning visual effects without the permanence.

Ideal For: Indoor events, trade shows, pop-up events, and locations where temporary setups are needed.

Process: After discussing your requirements and working through the design process, I will create the 3D painting on a large vinyl sheet in my studio. The finished piece is then transported to your location and installed. 


10 ft by 20 ft  tempera and chalk installation in 2023The Shops at Park Lane, Dallas, TX

The Early Bird Gets the Worm 3D Mural.JPG

Temporary 3D Murals with Live Painting

Description: Add an interactive element to your event with a live painting session. I will create a temporary 3D mural on-site, allowing guests to watch the artwork come to life in real-time.

Ideal For: Art festivals, community events, corporate celebrations, and marketing campaigns.

Process: I’ll collaborate with you to choose a design that resonates with your audience. During the event, I will set up a work area and begin the live painting, engaging with attendees and creating a dynamic, memorable experience. Part or most of the painting can be painted prior to the event if requested to allow for more time for attendees to take photographs with the art.



3D Mural installation at American Dream in East Rutherford, NJ




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